We are creating a construction eco-system.

Our objective is to create great buildings for our clients. We have the skills, the capacity and the network of partners to execute any construction project throughout the province of Québec—and beyond. Our purpose is far greater.


We aim to give men and women of all First Nations the opportunity to finish their training in the construction trades. In turn, we will empower them go on to launch their own successful, sustainable contracting businesses, so that one day they too will have the resources at their disposal to give back to their families, their communities and their nations. Just as we have.

We will achieve our purpose by bidding on, winning, and performing work in the construction sector just as any other general contractor would: with skill, value and efficiency. As we do so, we will bring with us a team of dedicated, capable and hard working men and women—one that includes First Nations tradesworkers—who need only opportunities to complete their on-the-job training and demonstrate their talents to the world.  

It is our hope that, as we complete projects, the people we train will go on to enjoy successful careers not only with Decontie Construction, but also with other general and trades contracting businesses throughout Canada. We hope some will follow the same path we did: to earn their licences and certifications so that one day they too can make a difference in the lives of their People.

Our ideas are unique. No one has ever advocated so vocally for the interests of First Nations people in construction. Our approach is untested. We know we will face barriers to realizing our purpose. But we stand by the courage of our convictions. What we are doing is right and good. And we will do everything in our power—both on the jobsite and through our advocacy efforts—to write this new narrative.


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